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The System

The Products

We combine the health benefits of:

Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom,

and other top quality ingredients with the world's finest coffee beans to create a line of deliciously healthy instant gourmet coffee drinks.

The Opportunity

Healthy Coffee USA is well positioned in the market place at the intersection of three Mega-Billion Dollar industries:

  • Coffee,
  • Wellness, and
  • Energy drinks

The Company

The company's vision is to bring health to the world's largest and most popular drink, coffee and to be recognized globally as The World's Healthy Coffee Company®!

Direct sales is the fastest distribution model to bring a product to market, and Healthy Coffee USA's goal is to open 100 countries with a minimum of 50,000 independent distributors in each country within ten years, for a total of Five million independent distributors. - You're Viewing it Now!

Profesionally Designed High-Impact Marketing Website

The Developers of this website have years of experience in developing great looking, high-converting websites. The website portion of your online marketing system has content on all of the major areas your prospects will be interested in including pages on: the company, the products and the opportunity.

Additionally, you can upload your own photo and type your story telling people why you are interested in the business and anything else you want to say!

Attention Grabbing Lead Capture Pages

These pages are designed specifically for online advertising so you can generate your very own exclusive, company-specific, real-time leads! We give you tips and instructions on how to generate these leads for yourself. All it takes is an advertising budget, no matter how big or small and you are on your way to an endless supply of fresh prospects. This is how the pro's build their business and now you can too!

Personalized Presentation Tour

You will have your own version of this tour so you can allow your prospects to give themselves a presentation at their own leisure. When combining this tour with a prospect that has been generated from one of your lead capture pages, you have a very powerful system on your hands. This same system is duplicable for everyone in your group, resulting in a consistent and fast growing downline!

Powerful Back Office to Convert Your Leads into Reps

Included is the most feature-rich back office available anywhere. This is truly command central for turning prospects into productive members of your downline. A full autoresponder system is included, a powerful contact manager, in-depth site statistics and much more are available to you 24 hours a day.

Website Pages and Prospect Automation - TURNKEY

Attention Grabbing, Professionally Designed Lead Capture Pages

High-Impact Multi-Media Website/Tour

Automated 30-day email follow-up via pre-written autoresponder messages

Real-time Lead and Callback Request Notifications

What You Can Customize Yourself - DIY

Do-it-Yourself Lead Capture Pages - you have complete control over everything!

Design and host your own page - then insert our opt-in widget and manage all prospects in one location

Advertising Co-op Rotator System - create unlimited ad co-ops with your team and explode your business. Our system tracks and distributes all leads easily.

BackOffice Tools and Features

Full Contact Manager - update contact's information, categorize, take notes, see history of emails sent, opened and links clicked for each prospect

Full Email/Autoresponder Platform - your system comes loaded with an 8-message, 30-day follow-up email campaign, but you can also create your own and attach them to your custom pages or your opt-in widget. You can also do full email broadcasts with complete reporting.

Full Site Statistics - pages that have generated leads, total page hits, uniques, referrers, page views and more

L.I.S.A. - Proprietary desktop alert and lead management tool - all your leads delivered right to your desktop and real-time alerts for new leads, callback requests and website revisits.

And So Much More!

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